Capfin Loans

Sometimes thinking of banks, their queues and the heavy atmosphere in the air can turn us off going into one, even if we really need to handle some important business. In life, there are times where it is inevitable to apply for that very much needed loan. Luckily, Capfin gives you the pleasure of skipping the dreadful bank completely.

Get fast, easy finance from Capfin. Capfin lives up to their motto which is: Life’s too short to go to the bank. To apply for a Capfin loan, all you simply need to do is to go into any PEP store with your ID book. You have to be permanently employed, and you will need a cellphone number so that you can receive an SMS approval. This approval gets sent within 15 minutes of your application. After you receive an SMS, a Capfin consultant will phone you to discuss all the finer details for your loan.Existing customers can access more cash once their previous loan has been paid back.

If you would like to calculate your loan options first, you can visit the website’s loan calculator and then go apply for a loan

Alternatively, you can call 087 354 0000, SMS ‘HELP’ to 43679 or email

3 thoughts on “Capfin Loans

  1. Desire

    I already have a capfin loan but lost the number for self help extra loan. Can you kindly send me the number so that i can apply for another loan


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