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The basics of credit analysis and types of risks

Credit analysis is utilised by lenders to assess the finances of an organisation before granting it credit. It is used to determine whether or not it will be able to afford repayments. It is also useful for highlighting potential red flags

Financial tips

Understanding the importance of credit from a loan

Establishing a good form of credit is often a top priority for many credit-active individuals. Not only does this make it easy to qualify for other forms of credit, but

Financial tips

What is credit analysis?

Credit analysis entails researching and analysing the debt profile and debt servicing abilities of individuals, companies or even countries. The objective of credit analysis is to look at both the borrower

Financial tips

Strong money management skills perfect for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship requires a particular set of skills and strong money management is one of them. Knowing how to effectively manage money is important for any type of business venture. Without this, the business is