Lendico, connecting borrowers with investors

Lendico loans – Economic and business research done across the world and South Africa in particular has shown that accessing finance to start or develop a business remains one of the biggest obstacles that many people encounter. Some of the  difficulties associated with sourcing finance include the minimal number of financing houses compared to business ideas and also the stringent conditions which traditional lenders have put down for those who need finance. One organisation which has stepped in to correct this scenario is Lendico.

Lendico is a South African transparent loan market place. Lendicos mission is to directly connect borrowers with investors bypassing many of the high costs of traditional banking. Because this model works directly from one person to another, high transactional costs are eliminated. Lendico has dedicated itself to taking care of the entire loan process from quality control of loan projects to the collection process, this is done with the hope that savings are passed on to clients in form of attractive returns.

By using Lendico, clients are assured of dealing with a simple, fast and non-bureacratic process with no hidden fees. Those who lend money are also assured of every month receiving the principal and interest payments of the money. There is also peace of mind knowing that you are investing directly in real people and their individual projects and not in abstract financial products.

To borrow money through this process, all you need to do is to let Lendico know about your loan project and how much money you need. A loan offer is then provided and if happy with the terms, you apply. Application documents required include payslips, bank statements for three months, copy of ID and proof of residence. After the application, investors are given 14 days to decide if they want to invest  in a loan project. Approved loan amounts are always directly transferred into clients bank account.

Lendico can be contacted on 0105009790..

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