Taking a look at African Bank

Taking a look at African Bank

African Bank offers a variety of finance products, including personal loans, credit cards and savings account. You can visit their website online to compare the various options will speak to a consultant will take you through the application process of each of these products.  

African bank personal loans offer credit tailor made to suit your needs and your financial situation. They offer a range of loans with comfortable repayment plans.

Their consolidation loans offer the following:

  • Enables you to consolidate your debt with repayment terms from 18 to 60 months
  • Simplifies the administration of multiple lenders and multiple loans
  • Often results in savings, due to the consolidation of administration fees
  • A reduced instalment frees up cash flow
  • A reduced instalment may also result in the customer being able to access additional capital
  • No settlement quotes are required and customers can consolidate up to five accounts from a wide range of credit providers

African Bank also offers credit cards like their Gold Credit Card, which offers you benefits like worldwide acceptance, free purchases throughout South Africa, as well as free ATM withdrawals. You will also automatically receive creative life insurance to give you extra peace of mind.

African Bank also offers consolidation loans for people who would like to reduce their monthly loan repayment and have the convenience of repaying only one known instead of multiple loans to multiple credit providers. A consolidation loan will allow you to take out a loan to pay off all your creditors at once, thereby only having a loan left to bed in the month. You will benefit from nowhere interest-rates thereby having more money available to you every month.

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