Personal and Consolidation Loans for Blacklisted People

Personal and Consolidation Loans for Blacklisted People

Blacklisted people often face a number of challenges when seeking finance. The credit industry in South Africa already has introduced a number of changes with intent to create a more regulated financial environment. Getting access to credit often means that your credit profile should be good. This isn’t always possible to achieve. Various circumstances in life may arise which may affect your ability to repay your debt obligations timeously. This may result in you being blacklisted. In previous years, this often meant that individuals would not be able to gain access to finance. Nowadays, with the increase in the number of micro-lending institutions in the country, individuals have more options. They no longer only have to rely on traditional lending institutions such as banks for finance. Find A Loan SA ( is an institution that has access to several preferred, nationally recognised lending partners that may be able to assist you in obtaining loans for bad credit. Find A Loan SA has access to lending partners with the ability to provide finance of up to R200 000. The entity has assisted thousands of clients.

Blacklisted personal loans: 

To apply for a loan as a blacklisted individual, you need to be 18 years or older and you must earn a minimum monthly salary of R1500. Find A Loan SA will provide you with feedback within an hour.

Consolidation loans:

With the cost of living rising every year, many people are struggling to keep up with debt repayments. Others have become over-indebted and may be in need of assistance. If you find yourself in such a situation, this option allows you to merge multiple debts and pay one premium every month. You then only have to pay one loan that settles your smaller loans at lower interest rates. As a blacklisted client, you are also able to gain access to this option.

Applications can be completed easily online. Further information required will usually include the contact details of your next of kin, your correct banking details, payslip, work address and date appointed.

Contact Find A Loan SA by calling: 021 007 1916.

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