Blue Education Loan – Unlocking Potential Through Education

Blue Education Loan – Unlocking Potential Through Education

Being able to get an education is a fundamental human right. South Africa’s outstanding constitution stipulates this. While more individuals are gaining an education, many are struggling to keep up with the associated costs. Numerous individuals need assistance in the form of finance to secure their children’s future. Recent studies have indicated that annual education increases in South Africa are exceeding salary increments by far. It’s no wonder that many parents are having a tough time ensuring a proper foundation for their offspring. An institution whose core values are aligned with the school of thought that everyone deserves an education, is Blue Financial Services.  

Blue Financial Services truly believes that education is the cornerstone of social upliftment. It is for this reason that it has crafted an ideal solution for helping people to unlock their true potential using education as a medium. Blue Education Loans are special personal loans for studies through approved learning institutions at subsidised interest rates. Available for use at any educational level, whether primary, secondary, or tertiary level; from any recognised institution, this loan can be used for a number of reasons.

The loan can be ideally used for school fees and /or uniform purchases. All qualifying applicants need to do is simply provide Blue Financial Services with an invoice from the school or the uniform supplier and they will pay the supplier the amount in full, directly. This simplifies things for the client as they don’t have to worry about any payment hassles.

For more information on how Blue Education Loans can help with realising academic dreams, call: 012 900 4300 or visit their website Alternatively, you can SMS the keyword “blue” to 32545 and a trained consultant will call you back.

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