Absa prosperity cheque account

Absa prosperity cheque account

Ageing is an important biological phase in an individuals lifetime. Age brings character, flavour, grace and a certain demand for convenience. Current and future efforts to address the needs of elderly persons requires the participation of public and private sector organisations.

The banking sector has been blessed with one major player in the name of Absa which has dedicated itself to meeting the banking needs of the elderly. One product offering tailored for this group of people is the Prosperity Cheque Account.

The Prosperity Package from Absa is designed to enhance and support your lifestyle and unique financial needs.This account is designed for those who are 55 years or older and have a regular income of R2,000 and above.

Some of the benefits associated with this account include a debit card for 24 hour access to your money and a secure way to shop, convenient 24 hour self service access through Absa Online, Cellphone Banking and Telephone Banking, a free NotifyMe service that alerts you whenever there is activity on your account, access to a range of finance products such as personal loans, credit cards to vehicle finance and home loans, international banking with no fees on international pension transfers less than R10,000, there is also professional assistance with drafting your will at no cost if you are over the age of 60 years.

To access this account, Absa can be contacted on 0800111155.

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