African Bank Cellphone Contracts – Various Tech Needs

African Bank Cellphone Contracts –  Various Tech Needs

African Bank is one of South Africa’s leading banking institutions. The institution continues to rate as part of the top 10 banks in South Africa every year. In addition to offering a wide range of products and services, the bank also gives clients unique access to cellphone contracts as part of its loan solutions offerings. Cellphone contracts offer individuals the flexibility of being able to enjoy access to the latest phone models with new features, at the most affordable rates. As opposed to having to pay cash for the cellphone handsets, African Bank clients are able to get phones on credit- easing the financial strain on their pockets.

Underwritten by The Standard General Insurance Company Ltd, African Bank provides competitive Samsung cellphone deals to clients. Phone devices are available in black and 16Gig models are available in white. Tablet deals are also offered.
Airtime, product insurance and the micro sim card are excluded from the deals however.

Loan solutions offered by African Bank include Personal Loans and consolidation loans among others. These loans range from R500 up to a maximum of R150 000. Repayments are done via debit order on a monthly basis.

African Bank aims to provide clients with more value and simplified processes underpinned by convenience. Through its personal loan services, African Bank gives qualifying clients access to cellphone contracts. These clients are assessed for their affordability and as a result, cellphone contracts are only extended to those deemed creditworthy, who will be able to afford credit repayments comfortably.

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