Alternative Finance for Charity Organisation

Alternative Finance for Charity Organisation

Charity organisations are seeking ways to finance their operations other than traditional methods of fundraising. A tried and tested alternative are private foundations and trusts as these provide billions of dollars to NGOs worldwide, including South Africa. Other methods include crowdfunding and minor donor groups.

Super Events:

How this works is that you recruit lots of event hosts to hold a small fundraising event on behalf of your charity on the same night and all around the same theme. The events are often tied together by a conference call with the non-profit organisations’ key supporters, board chair or executive director, or by a live internet event or video call. A benefit of super events is the opportunity to get much higher returns.

Affinity fundraising:

When building affinity fundraising groups, you are putting together a network of people who will support your organisation who have something in common with each other (an ‘affinity’) which forms part of the foundation of the group’s efforts.


Crowdfunding in South Africa is becoming increasingly popular. An example is which is an online platform that provides charities with a new route to raise money via T-shirt campaigns.  The website further provides the charity no risk in their fundraising efforts as access is free of charge and all profits go to the good cause. All profits are sent directly to the charity and not to the individual. Supporters can therefore be assured that that their contribution is going to the cause they wish to support.

With crowdfunding comes the benefit of free exposure for your charity organisation but on the  negative side it may mean that crowdfunding sites can take up to 30% of the money donated.

It’s important to do your research about which alternative funding forms may best suit your organisation and the pitfalls that come with it.

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