American Express Gold Credit Card – longest serving and surviving financial facility

A credit card is a payment card given to a consumer as a method of payment that permits the cardholder to pay for goods and services based on the client’s assurance to pay them. The creditor creates an account and award a line of credit to the client that he will use to borrow money for payment.
Introduced in 1958, the American Express Gold Credit Card prides itself as a sole credit card firm whose credit cards have no spending limit if a client has ways to redeem the remaining balance each month. The card carries the benefit of having a 55 day interest free period.

The American Express Gold Credit Card presents clients a platform where they can use the gold credit card on a daily spending. With the firm’s budget facility; a client can account for their purchases they make over a longer period of time. Apart from assisting a client to manage their life’s expenses, the American Express Gold Credit Card provides a state of the art service. The card can be used wherever a client sees the American Express sign, locally or internationally.

With this card, a card member can obtain special membership rewards every time they use it. Clients can convert the points they accumulate every time they use it and a client can receive special local and international offerings through the American Express Selects programme.
Members are also entitled to transfer outstanding balances from one credit card account to their Gold Credit Card account. The interest on the client’s balance transferred attracts a preferential debit interest rate, helping them to combine and pay off their debt.

There are no hassles using the card when a client is travelling abroad; as a holder of the American Express Credit Card, you will receive automatic travel insurance for both local and international travel when you buy your travel ticket with your American express Gold Credit Card.

The American Express Credit Card comes in other categories such as the platinum card, gold card and platinum credit card. The platinum card enables clients to have upgrades and special airfares on certain airlines, dedicated travel and lifestyle service which include VIP airport lounge access and special offerings at over 700 of the world’s finest hotels and resorts globally.
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