Aprofin – Leading Cash Loan Agency

Aprofin – Leading Cash Loan Agency

Have you ever needed some financial help, after facing a financial challenge in the middle of the month? Maybe you needed cash to pay for repairs to your car, or you needed to cover rent for the month. Borrowing money from your family or friends was out of the question and your bank could not provide you with the assistance that you needed. The reality is that many people have faced this situation once or twice in their lifetime. Fortunately, the financial industry in this country has expanded to include a range of lending institutions that cater to a range of financial needs. 

Aprofin is a leading cash loan agency that specialises in providing cash loans and cell phone contracts. As a National Credit Regulator-registered lending institution, Aprofin provides solutions that are designed to help individuals with fast, convenient and efficient loans.

What services are offered by Aprofin?

  • Personal loans of up to R10 000 are offered
  • Business loans
  • Blacklisted loans
  • Cell phone contracts
  • Payday loans are offered from R700 to a maximum of R4000
  • The institution also provides solutions that are designed to help you clear your credit history

Once you have been approved for the loan you have the option to load the loan onto a NuCard.

Benefits of choosing Aprofin:

You are free to use the loan however you wish. If you need to pay for tertiary education costs or for an emergency medical bill, a personal or payday loan from Aprofin could give you the financial freedom you need.

There are favourable repayment terms.

Individuals who have bad credit records are also assisted.

The loans are granted to individuals who are going to be able to afford to make repayments at a comfortable rate.

To contact Aprofin, call: 012 546 5747 or send an email to aprofinsa@gmail.com

Visit the Aprofin website here: www.aprofin.co.za



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