Bathokoa finance services

Bathokoa finance services is a financial business enterprise which has been built on a strong foundation of relationships. This therefore means Bathokoa takes time to examine individual finance needs and ensure they are met by suitable and specific solutions. To achieve this, Bathokoa has created a mutually beneficial micro loan access structure which involves, full affordability assessment, national loans register and quotations,all these measures are  compliant with the National Credit Act.

This esteemed financing house with deep roots in the local community has been providing credit in form of loans for years now. Bathokoa has three different categories of loan options. The first option allows clients to take out credit between R1000 to R100000 with a repayment period of 84 months, the requirements for this option include an ID, payslip and 2 months bank statements. The second option allows for credit between R1000 to R50000 with a repayment period of 60 months with an ID, payslip and 2 months bank statement being the requirements. The third option allows clients to apply for amounts between R1000 to R100000 with a 36 months repayment period, the application requirements for this option are a South African ID, payslip and a 3 months bank statement.

To access this innovative credit platform, clients can fill in a quick online application form or call Bathokoa finance services on 012 771 2967.

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