Bayport Finance – Loans with a difference

Bayport Finance – Loans with a difference

Bayport Finance is a finance company in South Africa that has been in the business of changing people’s lives in emerging markets for more than a decade. When they started they wanted to create a company that made a real difference to customers. They wanted to build a business that offered people a way to change their lives and fulfil their potential through access to our financial solutions. 

To say that Bayport provides people with access to financial solutions, is to tell only half the story. 

They provide customers with a chance at a better life. They do this by not only focusing on short-term cash flow relief, but by helping customers along the road towards sustainable financial wellness through unique and tailored financial solutions. 

The Bayport Financial Services brand serves more than 600 000 customers globally through 500 branches and over 7 500 Bayporteers. 

Our loans aren’t just numbers; they’re the plans that customers make and the potential they have to reach their goals. 

They are committed to helping them make that difference to their lives every day through responsible access to credit. 

Bayport is a place people without any security can turn to when they need money for: 

  • Education 
  • To build or improve their homes
  • To start or expand a small business
  • For agriculture
  • And even personal emergencies 

At Bayport they believe in responsible credit; we therefore make sure that our customers understand the terms of repayment and encourage them to borrow for the right reasons. 

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