Best and worst assets of 2017

Best and worst assets of 2017

Here’s an analysis of the assets that performed well and those that failed during the year 2017. 

Cryptocurrencies were the most volatile during the year and securities were seen as the least volatile bets. 


The best performer and gainer in the currency section is Mozambique’s new metical. The African country had been struggling to control inflation because of the huge debts. However, the country’s central bank said that it wanted to achieve stable and low rated.  

In the same currency section, the worst performers were the Uzbek soum which almost collapsed after its country which is rich in oil assets changed its currency to the dollar. 


The biggest gainer in commodities was Palladium which is used to control pollution for gasoline vehicles. The gain is attributed to increased usage of vehicles. Palladium climbed more than 50% in 2017. The other that had a great run was copper and aluminium. This is attributed to better economic growth which meant better usage of industrial metals. 

The worst performed were sugar and natural gas. Sugar has been falling regularly because of concerns about the global surplus. On the other side, natural gas went down because of the two warm winters which meant stockpiles were left at high levels. 


Big companies in Ukraine had a good year. This was after the International Monetary Fund said that it was seen good signs of recovery for the economy. The growth can be hugely attributed to flock by investors who were looking for higher returns in developing nations. 

The year was however not good for Pakistan and Qatar. Qatar went into chaos after Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain cut all transport and diplomatic ties. On the other hand, Pakistan faced problems after foreigners pulled their money out of the market. 


They were also seen to be the investment idea that attracted the most attention in 2017. An example is Bitcoin which moved up by almost 1,500% with other currencies like Ethereum and Litecoin moving up by at least 6,000%. These high moves were accompanied by a lot of worry with people calling the moves a bubble that was waiting to burst.

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