Best Car Insurance Companies

Best Car Insurance Companies

The increasing number of insurance companies in South Africa means that the task of identifying the best insurance company can be quite overwhelming. When you are looking for the best car insurance companies in South Africa however, there are a number of factors which you can take into account to help making this choice slightly easier.

What makes them the best car insurance companies?

Levels of service

Car insurance companies that offer superior customer service often stand out.


One of the most important factors that individuals consider when getting car insurance is that of price. If a company has competitive pricing, consumers are likely to favour its services.

Quality of product

Buying insurance cover can be tricky and this is mainly because individuals need unique insurance products. The best car insurance companies are able to tailor car insurance solutions to unique individual needs. While statistics play an important role in determining price, something that is even more vital is the actual product that an individual gets.

Claims processing

How fast claims are processed is important to many consumers. Insurance companies that offer 24/7 access and online platforms are considered to be the best.

Comprehensive Coverage

Financial strength

Seamless shopping experiences

Who are the best car insurance companies in South Africa?

A study by in 2013 found that the companies that received most compliments from clients included:

  • Auto & General
  • MiWay
  • Momentum
  • 1st For Women
  • Budget Insurance
  • King Price
  • AA Inusrance
  • Dial Direct
  • Virgin Money Insurance
  • Outsurance

Competition in the industry usually translates into lower rates and better perks. This means that more companies are fighting to get your attention and to offer you the best car insurance premiums.

You want to do business with a company that offers financial stability, a wide range of coverage and the fair, attentive service you want after a crash.


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