BlueBean Credit Card

BlueBean Credit Card

BlueBean Credit Card

Having a credit card can be quite convenient when you don’t have access to a large amount of cash in an emergency. The BlueBean Credit card is a division of one of South Africa’s biggest banks – Standard Bank. The bank’s offering is a simple solution for individuals looking to have access to extra funds while being afforded the opportunity to repay over a reasonable period of time.

BlueBean is a credit card company with a passion for innovation. By choosing BlueBean, clients can “get busy living” and gain access to numerous rewards as well.

What benefits are offered by the BlueBean Credit Card?

• There are no transaction fees on purchases. This means that you are able to shop conveniently without having to worry about paying exorbitant transaction fees.

• You get up to 55 days interest free credit on balances paid in full. With the BlueBean Credit Card you are given a reasonable repayment period, so you can pay within 55 days and avoid having to pay high interest rates.

• You can use the card to buy fuel.

• There is a budget facility which lets you choose your repayment period. If you are making a large purchase you are able to choose the repayment period you want. The budget facility lets you spread your payment period over a number of months.

• There is a convenient debit order facility to enable easy payment.

• You get access to exclusive travel deals.

• There is free basic automatic travel insurance.

• Free electronic statements are emailed to you.

What are the qualifying criteria for the BlueBean Credit Card?

Individuals who are above the age of 18 years, who earn a minimum salary of R5000 may qualify. To qualify, individuals also need to be South African residents.

To contact the BlueBean Credit Card division, call: 0860 121 131 or send an email to

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