Bridge Finance Personal Loans

Bridge Finance Personal Loans

Are you facing a challenging month ahead financially because of an unexpected expense?  Have you tried unsuccessfully to get assistance from your local bank? Do you need a financial boost to see you through until the end of the month? 

Bridge Finance Personal Loans may be the ideal solution for you.

Bridge Finance is a South African financial institution that is dedicated to financially empowering the masses. Through the provision of personal loans of up to R150 000 to individuals in need of short-term financial solutions, Bridge Finance is able to assist thousands of households.

Who qualifies for Bridge Finance Personal Loans?

  • Individuals who above the age of 18 years and younger than 65
  • South African citizens
  • Individuals with a valid South African ID
  • Individuals with a 100% clear credit record

What are the benefits of applying for Bridge Finance Personal Loans?

  • Simple applications
  • There are no long queues to wait in
  • There is no unnecessary paperwork
  • You get to benefit from affordable interest rates
  • You get access to a flexible loan facility, giving you flexible repayment terms so that you can repay the loan at a comfortable rate throughout the period.
  • There are no long interviews with many consultants
  • There are simple qualifying criteria
  • The loans are made available to individuals who can comfortably afford to make repayments.
  • To apply you simply need to submit your ID and your latest 3 months’ bank statements
  • You get access to loan amounts of between R4000 and R150 000
  • You are not limited by Bridge Finance in terms of the use of your loan. You are able to use it however you wish, whether this is for school fees, rent or even renovations to your home.

To contact Bridge Finance, call: 086 111 2044 or send an email to:

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