Capitec Bank Personal Loan Calculator

Capitec Bank Personal Loan Calculator

Tough economic conditions are forcing many people to find alternate ways of getting access to extra cash. More people are struggling to pay for their needs and are turning to personal loans to help them through these tough times. 

Capitec Bank Personal Loans often provide ideal ways of meeting financial obligations.

More people are applying for Capitec Bank Personal loans to get access to finance for their needs. This may be in the form of home renovations, paying for study fees or paying for car deposit.

Capitec Bank’s personal loan solution is one of the highest loan amounts offered on the market. Up to R250 000 is offered along with flexible repayment terms of up to 84 months.

As soon you are approved for the loan, the amount is immediately available in your transactional account. You’ll then have the financial freedom to pay for your financial needs.

The fixed monthly repayments make it simpler to gain control of your finances, as you have a better idea of how much you can expect to repay every month. By choosing Capitec Bank Personal Loan there is no obligatory insurance and you get free retrenchment and death cover.

Capitec Bank is renowned for specialising in providing simplified banking solutions. Through the Capitec Bank Personal Loan Calculator, individuals are able to work out how much their monthly repayments will be.

How the Capitec Bank Personal Loan Calculator works:

Visit the Capitec Bank website

  • Select how much you need
  • Select how many months you need to pay it back
  • The calculation will be based on the interest rate
  • The calculator will work out your repayments

By using this calculator you have the option to see the breakdown, including the monthly service fee, the initiation fee and the total repayment.


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