Clientele Short Term Loans

Clientele Short Term Loans

Clientele Short Term Loans

Clentele is among the well-known finance providers that offer short term loans to South Africans. One would ask why I should apply for a Clientèle loan. It’s simple, the company has a group of companies that offer short term cash loans to clients all around South Africa, with invincible terms, fees, rates and suitability.

In the past 20 years Clientèle Limited has offered a choice of reasonable budgetary protection administration items to South Africans. Applying and getting a short-term personal loan with Clientèle is easy. All you need to do is here:

• You can apply for any sum from R3, 000 to R120, 000 in additions of R1, 000.
• You have 18–60 months to reimburse the credit.

Following your loan consent notification, you can use your cash anyway you like – school expenses, car repairs, redesigns on your home, account consolidation and a well-deserved vacation. The interest on your loan will be settled at the current rate for the full term of the credit period. What does that mean? It means you won’t have any surprising hikes or inflations on your agreed loan amount.

Applying for a Clientèle personal short-term loan is very simple, and it is available for days a week from 8am–8pm via telephone by calling 0861 354 or, you can also use the call me back facility.

Clientele Short Term Loans are unsecured and paid directly into your bank account within 48 hours of your approved application.

Below are services that you will get if you familiarise yourself with Cleintele:

• Short-term loans
• Over 20yrs of service
• Loans up to R120,000
• 18-60 Months repayment term
• Cash loans online
• NCR registered lender
• Budget assistance
• Also insurance products

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