Corporate Finance Jobs In South Africa: A Needs Analysis

Corporate Finance Jobs In South Africa: A Needs Analysis

Corporate finance jobs in South Africa: A needs analysis

When it comes to finance there’s a great deal for those kinds and types of job in Corporate finance South Africa (SA). As Corporate finance includes key functions such as accounting, finance and business. And there are plenty of places where you can go to get a job in corporate finance in SA.

Due to the fact that a company’s intention is to make money with some companies making even a lot more money. And of course, someone has to manage that money or else the company doesn’t stay in business very long. To do so they’ll need to hire someone to balance their books.

And corporate finance jobs in SA go beyond even those in the private industry as some large technology companies, for example, also need to hire financial experts to evaluate potential acquisitions. Or insurance companies have hundreds of millions to invest and need financial wizards to manage that money. Therefore there’s a variety of specialised financial functions.

Finance roles look at the best growth path for the company, whether that’s through acquiring other companies or re-investing in the business to expand internally. And in spite of their different roles, finance and accounting are joined at the hip. The higher levels of accounting (budgeting and analysis) blend with financial functions (analysis and projections). Thus, finance and accounting are often treated as one, with different divisions undertaking particular tasks, such as cash management or taxes.

There are more opportunities for people in finance who are able to think strategically. This means a greater demand for people with higher degrees who can develop more theoretical financial models. Develop currency hedges, or estimate another company’s future earnings and current value.

As more and more accounting functions become automated by software. Those accountants and financial analysts able to do analytical work and think strategically will have much better prospects than those who stick to keeping the books. Graduate degrees, extensive analytical experience, and good regulatory knowledge will help keep you in a corporate finance job over the long term.

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