EC Finance Loans – There for You

EC Finance Loans – There for You



Online loans are specifically made to supply you instant financial release and EC Finance Loans is there for you when the bank isn’t. Especially since life happens on a daily, you never know when that personal loan might be needed.

Loan anything from R1000 to R50 000, whether it can be for unexpected car or home maintenance repairs and upgrades or unforeseen medical expenses. EC Finance assists in personal loans.

And when you apply it’s quick and simple online or download and print the application form if you’d prefer to apply with a hardcopy. When you apply with a downloaded form, fax it together with your payslip, ID and two of your newest bank statements; with response time being 6 hours for both.

Once approved you can even have the money you need in your bank account on the same day you apply. With an EC Finance loan, you get a number of benefits including no agent fees and flexible repayment periods on all financial loans.

Getting a blacklisted loan from a Registered Credit Provider has never been simpler. And you can qualify for the loan if you a South African citizen are formally employed and can provide a pay slip.

EC Finance is a popular credit provider, which can even be found on the website. And mind you that may be a good or a bad thing considering that the website deals with customer complaints and compliments. But either way if anything it proves that the EC Finance is a loan provider that others have tried before.

So why opt for an instant online loan? By using this finance, it’s simple to repay your pending bills like having to pay medical bills, current bills or phone bills, charge card payment, house or vehicle repair etc.

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