Entrepreneur Club Cape Town

Entrepreneur Club Cape Town

Entrepreneur Club Cape Town (ECCT) is a private club for entrepreneurs based in the Western Cape. The club was established to provide a platform for networking and socialising for entrepreneurs who are already established and want to further develop and expand their businesses.  

Founded in 2013, Entrepreneur Club Cape Town provides a platform for members to meet investors, become investors or create collaborative partnerships both locally, nationally and internationally.

The club has previously hosted networking breakfasts where individuals are required to introduce themselves with an elevator pitch.

Entrepreneur Club Cape Town Mission:

To provide a space that allows the further development and expansion of the businesses of entrepreneurs by increasing the members’ referral network.

In South Africa, there is a need to nurture entrepreneurs to guide them toward success. While many entrepreneurs have viable business ideas, not all of them have the necessary tools to bring their ideas to life. This is where clubs like the Entrepreneur Club Cape Town can be very helpful.

What the Entrepreneur Club Cape Town can offer:

  • Entrepreneurs in the creative industry can be helped in terms of developing business skills
  • Helping entrepreneurs with getting the basics of business right
  • Mentorship and on-going education and training
  • Encouraging connectedness through various network opportunities
  • Encouraging entrepreneurs to focus on getting clients versus making money
  • Encouraging entrepreneur to focus on the vision, not so much the money

Entrepreneurship is the willingness to take risks and develop ideas in order to create viable businesses. It is the capacity and willingness to organise and manage a business venture. The role played by the entrepreneur includes developing a business plan, hiring the human resources required, while also developing suitable financial systems to ensure success. This is something that can be quite challenging and entrepreneurs need as much support as they can get.

To find out more about Entrepreneur Club Cape Town, visit their website: www.entrepreneurclubcapetown.com

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