Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo Switch

Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo Switch

A review on The Guardian called the Nintendo Switch “most exciting as a handheld that’s powerful enough to take home, rather than ‘a console you can take with you’”. 

The Nintendo Switch is a fully portable games console that can also be used with your TV in full HD. Nintendo wants you to be able to take their console anywhere without tying you to your Wi-Fi network. 

The game runs differently in portable and docked modes. 

What you get from the Nintendo Switch: 

The Switch comes with a main console (touch screen tablet) and two detachable controllers. In the box you’ll also find a Grip, straps which can be put onto the controllers, a dock, an HDMI cable and a USB Type-C power cable. 

The console doesn’t come with dual-screen functionality. Through the single-screen experience, the player will see the content on the console when it is out on the dock or on the screen attached to the dock when the console is docked. It also runs on the same processing technology as a tablet computer, making it more geared towards being portable 

The console has a headphone jack, volume controls and a slot where you put in your game cartridges. It also supports Bluetooth and has 32GB internal storage as well as a microSD slot. 

The game’s UI is minimalist, so it’s fast and easy to navigate. The screen is also bright and clear, while sound quality doesn’t disappoint and is very good.   

On the downside, the battery needs to last longer in the portable mode. At 2.5 to 6 hours of battery life, the poor battery life doesn’t let the Nintendo Switch live up to its unique multiplayer potential. 

The video game console was developed by Japanese company Nintendo. Officially unveiled in October 2016, the Nintendo Switch was released worldwide on March 3, 2017.

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