FNB ewallet online – money transfer without a bank account

First National Bank (FNB) is a financial and banking institutional model driven by innovation and providing services and products across the population spectrum. With many years of experience in the industry, FNB understands that the transfer of money between individuals should not be a privilege of the few. One product which is at the forefront of the banks flexible approach to business is the eWallet.

The FNB eWallet service allows anyone to send money to anyone with a South African cellphone number in the absence of an account number. Most cellphone devices can be used for this service except the Nokia lumia devices and all other windows 7.5 and windows 8 operated devices. With eWallet, money can just be deposited into the FNB ATMs with automated deposits. eWallet cash transmission can also be done by using Geopayments. Geopayments is a location based-based payment service that allows someone to pay another person who is less than 500 meters without having to enter recipients details into a mobile device, it is however advisable  that both the sender and the receiver be registered for the service by downloading the FNB banking app.

The unique benefits of this service are that a recipient of eWallet funds can also send a portion of the funds to another cellphone, pre-paid airtime, data and pre-paid electricity can be bought from eWallet, eWallet balance or mini statements can also be checked and eWallet money can also be paid to a bank account.

The eWallet is indeed the right money transfer solution for those with no bank accounts.

For inquiries regarding this service, FNB can be contacted on 0875759405.

Details on how to send an ewallet can be found here

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