Genfund- Consolidation Solutions

Genfund- Consolidation Solutions

Genfund is a financial institution specialising in debt management solutions. Debt consolidation is a simple way of taking control of your finances again. This is a solution designed to help individuals to become debt free. Tell me more about Genfund loans?

Genfund provides loan solutions to individuals who are struggling to keep track of multiple debts every month. This institution gives individuals the chance to merge all their debts into a single repayment every month. This repayment is lower, giving you access to better cash flow on a monthly basis. Genfund will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and possibly get you a lower overall interest rate.

With Genfund you get access to R230 000 maximum which you can use to consolidate your debt.

If you are under debt review without a court order you may qualify for application. If you are under sequestration or administration you unfortunately don’t meet the right criteria.

If you have garnishee orders Genfund can possibly assist in reducing your debts.

There are no upfront fees with Genfund debt consolidation loans.

No collateral is required, so you don’t have to worry about having to putting any assets up as surety for the loan.

There are no credit checks, as Genfund will try to assist you to improve your current credit standing through an effective debt consolidation programme.

Genfund provides you with the option to cancel without penalties if you choose.

How can you apply?

Simply visit the Genfund website here:

To contact Genfund, send an email to:

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