How to Clear Your Blacklisted Name

How to Clear Your Blacklisted Name

If you have a blacklisted means that negative information is placed on your credit history by creditor. This is usually listed at all the major credit bureaus. If you’re blacklisted it will definitely prevent you from obtaining any credit or opening accounts, which is why this is a serious issue that you need to correct as soon as possible in order to restore your good name.

The first step will be to check whether or not you are blacklisted. There are many ways to do so and you can approach any credit bureau for assistance. You can usually do this online by registering with them and downloading your credit report. Once you have confirmed that you have blacklisted, you need to start working to clear your name.

There is only one way that you can see the blacklisted in South Africa, and this is to get an order rescinding the judgement against you. In order to do this you need an affidavit from the credit provider who has had you blacklisted, stating that you have cleared your debt and the magistrate can then rescind the order against you.

But before you simply reacting by your date to your creditors, speak to a lawyer first. It’s often a good idea to have a debt counsellor interact on your behalf with a great live as they will be able to negotiate lower interest rates and lower settlement amounts. Once you’ve reached an agreement with your creditors, make sure that you keep your monthly payments and 30 do not fall behind on your payments again.

You have to start by finding out whether you’re blacklisted and if so, by which credit provider. From there you can have an attorney or replace councillors negotiate with them on your behalf so that you can clearly your name as quickly as possible.

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