How to get your money back if you have been scammed 

How to get your money back if you have been scammed 

Your bank is the first point of call in getting your money back after you’ve been scammed should you fall victim to fraud. In an instance where you’ve paid money to a fraudster, contact your Bank immediately so that they can assist by stopping any payments. 

Also should your card be retained by an ATM, contact your bank and block your card before you leave the ATM. And report lost and stolen cards immediately to your Banks fraud department.  

If you receive an OTP on your phone without having transacted yourself, it was likely prompted by a fraudster using your personal information. Contact your bank immediately to alert them to the possibility that your information may have been compromised.  

Regularly check your bank statements to spot any irregular transactions so you can query the transaction with your bank. Also make sure you receive notifications from your bank when a transaction takes place, either by SMS or email. If a fraudulent transaction occurs you will be informed immediately. 

Although banks do investigate each case of a scam, there’s no guarantee that individuals will be reimbursed. The decision to reimburse a victim of fraud is based on the merits of each case. 

Also to avoid your money being scammed from you  
  • Do not place your card related information in emails or phone conversations.
  • Always ensure your card is swiped in front of you and not taken away to complete a transaction.
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