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China has emerged for the last few years as one of the strongest and fastest growing economies around the world with growth rates averaging 10% per year over the last 30 years. China has experienced unsurpassed economic growth which has also seen it make an economic policy shift from being a centrally planned economy to being a market based economy.This unprecedented economic growth leaves one question begging, how did China manage to do this? without a doubt this growth has been precipitated by maximizing on domestic investment and allowing it to have an effect on domestic economic growth which consequently leads to increased  exports. However what is also key to note is that the backbone of this economic boom has been as a result of strong financial institutions and banks which have been supported by the market based economic climate.

One banking institution that has been a part of this growth and a key supporter since 1865 is the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation limited (HSBC). Originally established as a conduit of finance for the growing trade between China and Europe, HSBC has to-date established 8,500 offices in 86 countries and territories. HSBC opened its first office in South Africa in  1995 with the goal of providing clients global reach with in-depth knowledge. The South Africa office which has been designated to serve the Africa region is focused on global banking and market business.

The global banking wing of the business serves the needs of major corporate and institutional clients globally. To ensure there is consistent delivery of innovative and integrated financial solutions, global banking is further divided into other divisions like multinational corporations, financial institutions group, government sector, advisory, project finance, strategic financing advisory, equity capital markets and debt capital markets.

The global markets business boasts of 87 treasury sites in over 60 territories. The global markets business has proven to be a reliable partner to the worlds central banks, corporations, institutional investors, financial institutions and others. The HSBC detailed knowledge of local markets enables them to offer products and services in securities finance,treasury and capital markets, equities and research.

With such a rich history and a wide array of products and services, the global banking industry has a reliable player in HSBC.

HSBC can be contacted on 011676 4200.

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