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They say experience is the best teacher; as such, being in an industry for a long time teaches you so many things such that people can rely on you for information. When it comes to finance, associating yourself with a firm that has been in the business drives away all the skeptics, you simply know you are dealing with people who knows what they are doing.

Iemas Financial Services is a financial house that has been in the lending business for the past 75 years. Apart from its long standing history, the firm adopted a unique business model which enables it to exist as a cooperative thus members enjoy the privilege of an equal vote.

The firm has an assortment of services which include:

  • Vehicle finance
  • General finance
  • Finance advisory services
  • The purchase card
  • The financial well-being training programme

The vehicle finance offers the following products for cars: boats, caravans and motorcycles. This plan enables clients to finance their pre-owned cars up to the age of eight. The firm has a refinancing model which enables the taking over of existing vehicle financing loans from other banks or financing institutions.

The financial firm also has short-term insurance facility that covers a vehicle for accidents in the event of fire, hail; theft etc. clients can also apply for a credit life cover which caters for debt owing the lender in the event of death or disability.

Some of the financial services offered by Iemas include funeral cover, life cover and accident cover, education, retirement and savings plans, estate planning and wills.

Employees contracted to Iemas enjoy the benefit of financial wellness training programme. The programme is designed to ensure that financial worries of employees are limited and consequently reducing the effect on productivity, this done through offering employees with financial programmes bent on equipping them with informed decisions.

Lemas can be contacted on 0861043627.

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