Jalenca loans, local credit solutions

Jalenca is a local South African micro lending institution with finance and credit solutions which suit the needs of the local market. In a complex economic and financial system like South Africa, having a business house which clearly understands local market dynamics goes a long way in getting the right solution packaged in the right manner.

Jalenca cash loans was established in 1998 in the local suburb of Cresta in the city of Johannesburg. Today Jalenca has established three more branches which have all developed a reputation for providing fast, friendly and reliable service. With a strong adherence to the rules and ethics of responsible lending, Jalenca does not allow its clients to borrow beyond what they can afford to pay back. Jalenca loans do not also tie down clients  as all loans are settled within a month. Jalenca loans offer a minimum loan amount of R300 and a Maximum loan amount of R2,500. The application requirements for the Jalenca loans include a South African ID, two months bank statements and the most recent payslip.

To access the Jalenca loans, prospective applicants are advised to follow simple steps which starts first by using the online loan calculator and calculate repayment amount in comparison with set budgets, complete the online application form, attach the relevant documents, within an approximate period of 2 hours, the Jalenca office will communicate by email, once the application is approved, the agreed amount of money is deposited into the clients bank account. Jalenca repayments are done through debit orders.

Jalenca loans can be contacted on 0114764123.

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