Land Bank Loans

Land as a factor of production is of immense importance, it is the original source of all material wealth and the economic prosperity of a country is closely linked with the richness of her natural resources. It is in line with the role and importance played by land that a financial institution like Land Bank decided to bankroll activities that are agriculturally related.

Land and Development Bank of South Africa is a specialist agricultural bank guided by a government mandate to provide financial services to the commercial farming sector and to agri-business and to make available new, appropriately designed financial products that would facilitate access to finance by new entrants from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Established as a development finance institution in 1912 by the government of South Africa, Land bank provides among other things long term mortgages, medium term loans, short term loans, deposits, guarantees, establishment loans, installment finance and special mortgages.

Headquartered in Centurion, Land Bank’s mission is:

  • To develop and provide appropriate products for commercial and development clients
  • To leverage private sector investment into the agricultural sector. To develop partnerships with intermediaries for on lending
  • To develop techniques for financing high-risk agriculture and new business areas.
  • To support programmes of the Ministry of Land Affairs and Agriculture by aligning the Bank’s products with these programmes.
  • To contribute to rural development by linking up with government structures and activities.

As a development finance institution, the bank is in the business of lending money to clients and constantly looking at ways of supporting the farmer and contributing to development, without focusing on profit as the only motive.

Contact can be made on  012 686 0500

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