All You Need to Know About Shoprite Personal Loans

All You Need to Know About Shoprite Personal Loans

As one of the biggest retail chains across the African continent, Shoprite continues to grow and provides millions of people with convenient and affordable products. With over 500 outlets and 22 million shoppers, the company has over 130 000 employees.

In addition to simple pricing solutions, Shoprite provides its customers with financial services, such as Shoprite Personal Loans.

Tell me more about Shoprite Personal Loans?

The micro lending industry in South Africa is growing at a rapid rate. Unsecured lending is a popular method of gaining access to funds to tackle financial challenges nowadays. Turning to banks isn’t always a viable option for everyone and the micro lending industry has created more opportunities for individuals to access extra cash.

An increasing number of individuals who were previously unbanked have entered the financial market and are seeking financial assistance in the form of credit.

Micro lending institutions like Mfin have made it much easier for customers to access loans by partnering with retail outlets like Shoprite.

Shoprite Personal Loans offer customers up to R7500.

What are the qualifying criteria?

Applicants must be South African citizens, employed and they should have an active bank account.

How to apply for Shoprite Personal Loans:

Apply for a cash loan at any Shoprite till point in-store. Make sure that you visit with your valid South African ID.

Approved loans will be deposited directly into your bank account. You then have the freedom to use the loan however you choose.

Individuals looking for a short term solution to their cash flow problems can rely on Shoprite Personal Loans to provide quality, efficient service. With a loan from Shoprite you can get the cash you need to pay for your child’s school fees, for repairs on your car or for paying for a medical bill.

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