New Cell Phones Coming Out in 2016

New Cell phones coming out in 2016

The cell phone market is robust and continues to expand at a rapid rate all over the world. Judging by the new cell phones coming out in 2016, it’s clear that tech companies are working very hard to get the competitive edge. 

Apple iPhone SE:

This model went on sale on the 31st of March 2016. While it looks very similar to the iPhone 5S, the inside is very much iPhone 6S.  With the Apple A9 processor and a 12 megapixel iSight camera that can also capture 4K video.

Apple iPhone 7:

This will be Apple’s brand new flagship phone for 2016 and it’s expected to be announced in September.

There are rumours that the phone will be featuring design changes, with waterproofing protection, an eSIM and an all-new D-jack headphone jack. The Apple iPhone 7 will also come with a faster than ever A10 processor, plus 2GB of RAM.

Google Nexus 6:

The Google Nexus 6 will be made by Huawei. It will also feature a Snapdragon 820 chip and is likely to arrive in October.

The phone will be the launch vehicle for the new Android OS, Android N.

Microsoft Surface Phone:

The Microsoft Surface Phone is one of the most anticipated of new cell phones coming out in 2016. The phone is expected to have 4GB of RAM, 8MP front cameras, as well as 64 and 128GB storage options.

LG G5:

This is the company’s first modular-design smartphone, which can be transformed into a digital camera or Hi-Fi player.

The phone also comes with an always-on screen, making it easy to check the date and time whenever you need to. It also comes with 4GB of RAM as well as 32GB of storage.

LG G Flex 3:

The G Flex 3 is expected to come with 4GB of RAM plus 32GB of expandable storage via MicroSD storage. The phone also comes with a 3300 mAh battery, a fingerprint scanner and 20.7/8 MP cameras.

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