New heights finance

New heights finance (NHF) is a South African financial house which is making a huge difference in the lives of many individuals and families. Driven by a unique business model, NHF provides bridging finance solutions such as Pension Provident, Property Bridging, Equity Release, Loose Assets, Purchase Order, Personal Loan and Levy.

Pension provident assists with bridging finance and loans while you await the expected lump sum payout from pension fund, policies or investments, death claims, provident fund and retirement annuities.

Property bridging are loans offered against property or even loans against assets you have sold a property (you are a house seller or property seller), and if there is a profit in the transaction, then up to 80 % of the proceeds of the sale or sale proceeds, can be advanced, loaned, bridged, lent or financed, to you within 24 hours of the transferring attorney having issued the undertaking that the sale transaction or purchase transaction is secure and can proceed.

Equity release bridging loans allow one to access up to 60% of the equity in a home or your unbonded commercial property, industrial property or agriculture land in as little as 10 days. Some of the equity bridging includes property equity release which turns equity into cash, property warehousing which sells and buys back, mezzanine finance which extracts equity and turn it into cash.

In moments of need for urgent cash, a client can use loose assets or movable assets as security for a short-term asset loan. Funding assets suing loans against assets is a quick way to secure  asset loans.

The NHF personal loan has been tailored to assist in meeting pressing personal needs.This loan offers loan amounts between R4,000 and R150,000 and it is approved within a couple of days.

The above products and services define why New Heights Finance (NHF) is making a difference. NHF can be contacted on various online platforms.

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