OneDC, experts in debt

South Africa has high levels of consumer debt incurred through credit cards, home mortgages, student loans, auto loans and other loans. One business organisation helping consumers manage this debt better is One Debt Counsellors (OneDC).

OneDC is an organisation that has dedicated itself to assisting those carrying the burden of debt by providing a professional service that assists to take charge of debt.This is done by instituting a debt review process which can lead to debt instalments being reduced by up to 55%.

Debt review process is governed by the National Credit Act with a laid down process to follow. First step is to apply for a debt review by completing Form 16 application form, debt counsellor will then notify all relevant credit providers, a restructured proposal based on clients unique budget is set up, debt counsellor will then make an application to a Magistrates Court to have the repayment plan enforced as a court order, payments can then be made to be collected by a Payments Distribution Agency, as certain debts get paid the available funds will roll over to debt that still has an outstanding balance, once all the debt is paid in full, a client can apply for a clearance certificate which serves as proof that a consumer has been rehabilitated and all debt subject to debt review has been paid in full.

One Debt Counsellors (OneDC) can be trusted for a smooth debt relief process. Contact can be made on 0800366473.

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