Real People Loans – Financing Your Business Needs

Real People Loans – Financing Your Business Needs

Real People is a leading loan provider operating in South Africa. This institution is a specialist provider of home improvement as well as business loans. 

Tell me more about Real People Business Finance?

Real People is an institution that is dedicated towards providing South African business owners the opportunity to improve the running of their businesses through dedicated business finance solutions.

Fixed Asset Loan:

This loan is used to finance fixed assets such as equipment and machinery. This loan finances assets that will contribute towards the profitability of the business. Real People understands the challenges many business owners face in this regard, which is why they’ve introduced this solution to help them meet their business goals.

Working Capital Loan:

Real People provides a cash injection for business expansion. Real People recognises that a major challenge faced by many business owners is access to capital. Real People provides this loan to help businesses reach their full potential.

Repayment period offered by Real People are flexible, giving business owners a reasonable amount of time to repay the loan.

There is no security required for these loans. Real People has made it simple to get access to the loans by not requiring any form of collateral from loan applicants.

The loan amount you qualify for is dependent on your credit profile and affordability.

Loans are granted through a Real People branch network or via the client care centre.

National Credit Act pricing applies to all Real People loan products and the institution is regulated by the NCR.

As an applicant with all required documents sent and affordability adequately assessed, you can expect to get a quick approval from Real People.

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