Roedeb solutions, powering micro loan businesses

The micro business sector and in particular the micro loan businesses is one of the biggest contributors to the South African economy. The contribution of this sector comes in terms of its ability to facilitate the transfer and empowerment of money to individuals, this sector also employs thousands of people with millions of rands in taxes paid into government coffers. In order to be effective in the delivery of products and services, micro loan businesses have had to depend on the development and availability of innovative technological and software solutions. One business organisation assisting in this regard is Roedeb solutions.

Roedeb solutions was established in 2003 with a vision of developing and providing quality financial systems and trusted software in a centralised environment. Roedeb software solutions are tailored to cater for loans, home loans, SME, savings, money transfers, asset register, general ledger, biometrics, SMS environment, scanning, forex, cashiers and stock control.This system has been developed, implemented and tested in various locations in South Africa as well as 12 countries in Africa, with great success.

The benefits of this system include the fact that it calculates installment plans to precision and according to legislation, it’s auditable, user-friendly and trustworthy, it keeps track of all transactions, arrears and advances to precision, it has the ability to properly interface to the Aedo/Naedo environments, managing all company assets and it minimises business risk by doing a full affordability pre-qualification.

Roedeb solutions can be contacted on 0218722761.

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