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Financial liquidity is what drives national economies, organisations, households and even individuals to accelerate in the attainment of set goals. In the absence of ready finance, it’s almost impossible to implement plans and achieve goals. For households and individuals, life naturally comes with unforeseen circumstances like medical emergencies which require urgent funds.There are also other pressing matters like education fees, home renovation costs, car maintenance which all require finance and often times beyond the set budget. One financial house which is helping many when they can’t be helped anywhere else is Show time finance.

Show time has committed itself to assisting clients with bad credit histories, judgements against them, garnishee orders, defaults or are simply denied credit by commercial lenders. These loans are offered as pay-day loans with cash amounts ranging from a minimum amount of R1,000 to a maximum amount of R15,000. The repayment period for pay-day loans is 30 days while short-term repayment periods run between 4, 6 and 12 months.

To qualify for this credit facility, a client must be 18 years and above, be in possession of an ID, have some income which should be proved by showing payslip, show proof of residence and have a bank account where loan amount can be paid and debit orders collected.

Show time can be contacted on 0218255454.

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