Southern View Finance Loans South Africa Provides Affordable, Technologically-Driven Loans

Southern View Finance Loans South Africa Provides Affordable, Technologically-Driven Loans

Southern View Finance is a group of companies that conducts an international unsecured lending business. The institution processes approximately 200 000 loan applications per month.

The group advances loans to consumers under the name “Capfin” in South Africa and distributes loans through an agreement with Pep and Ackermans. The application process is simple.

All you have to do is head to your nearest Pep or Ackermans store with your valid South African ID as well as proof of income. There is no need to stand in long bank queues in order to apply. Applications are completely secure and confidential.

Consultants speak all 11 official South African languages, so you can get assistance in the language of your choice.

Why choose Southern View Finance Loans South Africa?

As a registered financial services provider, the institution only provides loan to individuals who can comfortably afford to make repayments.

The maximum loan amount one can qualify for is R20 000, while the loan amount for which you qualify is based on your credit profile and payment behaviour.

The institution seeks to provide the most affordable loans through a mobile platform and strives to make pay-outs within 48 hours of approval.

Southern View Finance believes that the lack of a mobile transaction or banking platform that has been widely accepted by the mass market has created a significant opportunity for the lowest cost provider to provide ubiquitous, easy access to smaller, affordable loans through a mobile platform.

For this reason, the institution aims to leverage off retail distribution networks, high mobile telephone penetration and access to reasonably priced funding.

All existing Capfin customers can apply for a loan via CapfinDirect- effectively eliminating the need to spend hours waiting in line

What are the qualifying criteria?

  • Permanent employment
  • Valid South African ID
  • Latest 3 months’ income documents
  • Valid cellphone number
  • Have an active South African bank account


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