Using the Standard Bank Online Share Trading App

Using the Standard Bank Online Share Trading App

The Standard Bank online share trading app allows you to transact with a wide range of listed products, which you can add to your investment portfolio. You can also enjoy complete support as well as product training courses and reading material that is available in the education centre.

Trading Shares

Shares represent an interest that you hold in a specific company. Shareholders will have set the right within the company, including the right to share in profits and attend general meetings. But investing in shares can also be risky, apart from all the advantages, that’s why it is important to familiarise with the process as well as investigating what your possible changes as well as your returns may be.

Trading in shares is a long-term commitment but it is a proven way to create wealth. Even though it does carry risk, the potential of owning great money is a reality. Is irrelevantly safe investment, and your portfolio can be structured in such a way to reduce the possibility of risk as much as possible.

With standard bank share trading is easy as they provide courses you need to familiarise yourself with industry, and they have very handy share trading app that you can download and use on your mobile device.

If you are ready to start training, you can register online you will see the temporary password providing you with access to the site. Registration is easy, and only take a few simple steps. Once your registration process is complete and you have sent in all the necessary documentation, you can fund your trading account and start training.

If you register as an individual, you will need to provide a copy of your identity document, as well as proof of residential address and cancelled cheque or bank statement not older than three months. You also need to provide proof of income and your tax number.


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