Student Finance Tips

Student Finance Tips

Being a student is an interesting phase in ones life.This period of life also comes with its own financial demands and the need to be prudent with available financial resources. Below are some tips which can assist you in having a financially stress free student life.

– Open a student bank account with a free overdraft.

– You can move money from your student account into your savings accounts to earn interest.

– Make sure you have insurance either as a separate policy or included in your parents home insurance.

– Keep a money jar (though not somewhere obvious!) and you will find that it soon adds up.

– Try to do most of your shopping at the same place and get a loyalty card (money off shopping, cinema tickets and stuff).

– Search hard for shops, which will give discounts to uni students and student card holders.

– Try and buy your textbooks second hand. Either off students from last year or there are some websites which focus on this. This can save you so much money over three or four years.

– Supermarkets have basics/value ranges which are very cheap.

– Learn to cook: ditch ready meals/pre-prepared salads etc.

– Get swap savvy. Swap sites are the latest thing and are perfect for students.

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