Taking Up an EC Finance Loan

Taking Up an EC Finance Loan

If you want to loan but your application gets rejected a complaint, you may apply for an EC Finance loan.  They offer a comprehensive and flexible loan option, which is specifically tailored to meet your specific needs. The loan application process is very simple and you will have a result your application in as little as six hours. If approved, the money will be available the same day.

In order to get a cash advance or cash loan you must first complete and submit an application form. Keep in mind that EC Finance is not a direct lender, they will not provide loans to consumers; instead they aid in the process, so that you will get the loans that best match your needs.

Their service providers always tell you upfront what the cost of your loan will be. There are no catches or extra costs to worry about, providing you stick to your side of the deal. Their short term service providers have an annual interest rate of 32.10% to 60% APR. They also show you an example of the cost of an average loan to show you a clear breakdown of interest and fees.

Getting Approved

Once approved, your loan could be paid directly into your bank account within hours. If you apply on a weekday between 08:00 and 15:00 you could have the money you need in your account a few hours later. If you apply after 15:00 on a weekday, you will have money in your bank by 08:00 the next morning. On weekends or public holidays, your loan will be paid out early the very next working day.

You can either apply online or you can download and print application form and then fax it back to them together with a payslip, identity documents, and to recent bank statements.

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