Tembeka financial services, empowerment for women

Tembeka financial services – South Africa is a country still in the recovery process and closing the inequality gap that exists between men and women as well as white and black people. Statistics in South Africa have revealed the consequences of poverty amongst citizens especially women. Research has also shown that many economic and social policies deal mostly with the formal sector much to the detriment of numerous informal meaningful economic and social activities citizens especially  women are involved in. One institution making a difference in this regard is Tembeka.

Tembeka is a South African social finance company whose mission is to create jobs and eradicate poverty by initiating and nurturing a lively integrated and sustainable chain of financial security. Tembekas role is to bring relevant and affordable finance to social enterprises which address key problems in disadvantaged communities which in most cases is job creation. Over the last decade, Tembeka has channeled funds into communities throughout South Africa with a great amount of those funds targeting rural women owned micro enterprises. Tembeka also gives an opportunity to members of the general public to purchase Tembeka shares and be part of the economic development process with bright future returns.

Tembeka is indeed a noble enterprise which can be counted on for job creation and employment, access to finance at affordable rates and reasonable conditions as well as the eradication of poverty. Tembeka can be contacted on 0214478138.

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