Tembeka Financial Services

Tembeka Financial Services

Business finance especialy for women can be sourced through different platforms.While traditional banks have for a long time been the trusted source,developments within the financial sector have also opened doors to the idea of silent investors.This is a situation where someone else provides your company with capital for your business expansion or activities.One business house spearheading these efforts is Tembeka Financial Services.

Tembekas role in this chain of financial solidarity is to mobilise investors to become involved in sustainable development through soft loans,institutional building grants and the purchase of Tembeka shares.The investment is then used to make relevant and affordable finance accessible to service providers such as NGO’s,Trusts,CBO’s Credit Unions and Development companies as well as their clients from disadvantaged communities.

Tembeka activities and contribution are therefore centered on finding investments,this is about identifying and engaging with institutions,corporate social investors and individuals who subscribe to Tembekas vision of bringing relevant finance to disadvantaged communities to get their financial support. Tembeka is also involved in making investments,this involves identifying relevant service provider organisations and establishing financial partnerships by providing these organisations with wholesale financial facilities for lending to their clients,guarantees for leverage purposes with other financial institutions or equity investments in establishing or strengthening relevant and new service provider organisations that have a proven market demand for their services.

Tembeka makes wholesale loans available to organisations to on-lend to their clients or directly to qualifying groups that have non-financial support, but where no retail facilities exist. Should your organisation be interested in applying for Tembeka’s assistance then please call 0214478138.

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