Township Business Transformed by the Vuleka App

Township Business Transformed by the Vuleka App

In a world where technology is at the forefront of the development and growth of various economies globally, South Africa finds itself in a position where it can introduce a range of innovations in order to improve economically.

More apps are being created and introduced as a way of improving business functioning. Entrepreneurship is what drives many economies towards growth.

The entrepreneur may also operate within an entrepreneurship ecosystem which provides support and programs and services that promote entrepreneurs. By making the decision to exploit such opportunities, entrepreneurs are able to service parts of the market that have been ignored and earn profits which they otherwise might have not made.

For many retails shops operating in the township, the business environment has become tougher, in light of the entry of larger retailers into the market. Spaza shop owners have had to become more flexible and innovative in recent years.

I AM Emerge is an organisation that has developed an application designed to help spaza shops to buy in bulk and get discounts.

The Vuleka App, which launched in Alexandra recently helps businesses become sustainable. By helping businesses with stock and product management, the app helps business owners run their businesses more efficiently.

Since it launched, over 80 business owners in Alexandra have already signed up.

“Our large network of township based business form a collective purchase power that will enable us to negotiate better deals when buying in bulk,” I AM Emerge said in a statement.

How does it work?

The app is linked to a virtual wallet, making it safer and more convenient for business owners to purchase stock.

The business owner can make orders using their phones, so transactions are cashless.

The app has 2 user interfaces: one for the business owner to make orders and pay with the virtual wallet after delivery. The other interface is for the consumer who buys from the business owner.

Consumers can pay for the goods remotely and they can use the app to complete surveys about products and earn money. They can also withdraw small amounts of cash from the township business.

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