Understanding Standard Bank Securities

Understanding Standard Bank Securities

Standard Bank Online Share Trading is a respected share trading brand that has now become South Africa’s leading online stock broker. Many banking institutions, such as Standard Bank, opened up this avenue after seeing the potential to increase their profits. Now individuals are able to take better control of their financial future by creating solid investment portfolios for themselves.

Through the service, investors can transact a wide range of products, listed on the JSE Limited.

In addition to offering extensive educational resources, it provides investors with the tools and technology to conduct real-time trading in shares, derivatives and other investment instruments.

Standard Bank Securities Products Include

  • Shares
  • Exchange Traded Notes
  • Warrants
  • Forex Trading
  • Share Installments

Why Choose Standard Bank Securities?

The service puts the power of investing at the fingertips of clients.

In addition to competitive pricing, it offers various opportunities for individual investors.

With powerful trading and investing tools, Standard Bank Securities has become a well-established platform.

Using the service can enable you to build a long term share portfolio. You can also trade in both long and shirt tern investments.

As a reliable platform, Standard Bank Securities offers the lowest minimum brokerage fees in the industry.

Highly skilled call centre consultants are on-hand to assist you.

Investment Tips

  • Don’t invest money you cannot afford to lose
  • Diversify your investments

-Reduce risk and ensure balance by avoiding putting more than 5% into a single company sector.

  • Don’t trade if you don’t have time to research

-Study financial reports when deciding on whether to invest or pass.

  • Make a plan

-As a new investor, seek the advice of a registered financial adviser, so that you don’t make hasty decisions and you are well informed of financial decisions. Have clear long term goals. Choose the right time to sell stock. Having a long term portfolio means you should consider your options carefully.

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