Get the Most from Your Virgin Money Rewards from Virgin Money Online

Get the Most from Your Virgin Money Rewards from Virgin Money Online

Credit cards in South Africa may seem very tempting, but make sure you know what you sign up for. One aspect that you should consider is what you get back from your bank, usually in the form of rewards – whether this is in cash, points or other benefits.

What is apparent though is that credit cards (and banks) are being marketed on the strength of their reward programmes, and these seem to vary considerably. For example, the Absa Rewards programme gives you 1% back in cash rewards on debit and credit card purchases, 5% on fuel purchases at Sasol service stations and up to 10% when shopping at selected partners.

Nedbank’s Greenbacks reward programme offers you 1 greenback for every R5 spent. You can spend your points on selected products and travel offers, or on Nedbank investment products.

Virgin Money Rewards

You can visit Virgin Money online to see what rewards are offered, but they include an immediate 10% discount at NetFlorist when you pay with your Virgin Money Credit Card. If you pay with your Virgin Money Card before the 31st of December 2015 at Virgin Active, you get a 5% discount off the total debit order amount when signing up for a 12 or 24 month standard adult membership. You will also won’t get charged a joining or card fee.


Receive an immediate 10% discount when you make your reservations directly through the Virgin Ulusaba booking centre. You can also receive an immediate 10% discount on any Virgin Atlantic flight booked for travel from South Africa to London and purchase directly from Virgin Atlantic (SA) with your Virgin Money Credit Card.


These are just some of the rewards htat you can look forward to when using your Virgin Money credit card. Visit Virgin Money online to get more details on these and other rewards.

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