Wesbank Vehicle Finance – Leading Vehicle Finance Provider

Wesbank Vehicle Finance – Leading Vehicle Finance Provider

Wesbank is a leading provider of motor vehicle and business finance in South Africa. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, Wesbank is one of the largest financial services groups in Africa. 

What options are available from Wesbank Vehicle Finance?

  • Buy from a dealer
  • Buy a car privately
  • Buy a leisure car from a dealer

What you need to consider before getting Wesbank Vehicle Finance:

It’s important to start by evaluating every detail about the car that you want to buy. This will inform your decision about the type of vehicle finance you need. You need to consider what you can afford as well as how often you will use your vehicle.

Buying from a dealer:

Once your application is approved, Wesbank will help you to finalise the contract, the insurance as well as delivery of your vehicle.

Buying a car privately:

When you are buying a car privately, Wesbank Vehicle Finance will help you with insurance and your new vehicle’s registration.

Buying a leisure item from a dealer:

Wesbank Vehicle Finance will provide finance for boats, jet skis, trailers, caravans and motorbikes.

What is the finance process?

  • Buyer and seller agree on terms of the sale
  • Buyer applies for finance online or telephonically
  • Once the finance is approved, documents are required
  • The contract is then prepared
  • TitleGuard contacts the seller with a list of requirements
  • Documents must then be faxed or emailed to Wesbank
  • The documents are verified
  • The seller is paid
  • The vehicle is registered by Wesbank

Whether you need to finance for a single car or a fleet of cars, Wesbank Vehicle Finance has ideal solutions for you. Auctions done by Wesbank can assist regular customers to purchase their dream car at a low, affordable price. Wesbank is the only bank that lets you sign a finance agreement online.

Visit their website here: www.wesbank.co.za or call 0861 288 272

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