Why an FNB Personal Loans is Perfect for You

Why an FNB Personal Loans is Perfect for You

FNB offers a variety of loan products and the application process is easy. There is also a very handy and easy to use loan calculator available if you want to work out how much you’ll need to pay on your loan and what you can get based on your budget.

No matter how accurately you plan your finances, you never know when an emergency situation presents itself and when you’ll need extra cash – quick. This is why you should consider a personal loan from FNB. The application process is easy and you’ll be able to use the funds for anything you need.

FNB Personal Loans

FNB personal loans can be used for a variety of different things. From home improvements to debt consolidation or even unforeseen emergency expenses, the options for the use of FNB personal loans really are endless and there is no agreement as to what the money should be used for.

FNB personal loans are available from R 2,000 or more, all depending on your personal credit profile.  The repayment terms for FNB personal loans are flexible and you can repay your personal loan over anything from six to 60 months. The personal loan repayment period can be negotiated to best suit your needs.

FNB personal loans are paid monthly via debit order and the best part is that that your personal loan instalment will remain fixed for the period of the loan. This means that your payment will not change, even if the interest rates do.

FNB personal loans also offer insurance which will cover you for the original loan amount should anything unforeseen happen to you. This includes death, retrenchment, dread disease and temporary/permanent disability.

As an added benefit, it also give you the option to take a payment break every January and FNB  clients get lower interest rates.

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