Woolworths Credit Card – More than just Cash to Shop with

Woolworths Credit Card – More than just Cash to Shop with

South African (S.A) retail chain store Woolworths, also affectionately known as ‘Woolies’. Its brand stands for quality both in its products of food, clothing, general merchandise and its financial services.

Such as the Woolworth’s credit card. A card that allows you to earn WVouchers each and every time you swipe and automatically become part of the stores WRewards programme that offers you exclusive special lower prices and other benefits such as 15% off selected WRewards items.

Apply for either a black, gold or silver credit card and to qualify for any of these cards you should be 18 years of age or older. Have a valid S.A. identity number and you should earn in excess of a certain amount depending on whether you’re applying for a black or gold credit card, as the silver credit card is open to existing customers only. On collection of your card bring your S.A. ID, latest three payslips and last three months bank statements or utility bill as proof of residence.

The benefits of a Woolworths credit card is not only cash when you need it, there’s also automatic travel insurance cover when you purchase an international airline ticket using your card and electronic statements via email at your convenience. Pay for your fuel with your Woolies Credit Card and get back a percentage in WVouchers plus no transaction fees and up to 55 days interest free on all fuel purchases. Also get more back elsewhere in WVouchers on all purchases outside of Woolworths.

And free to black and gold Woolworths credit card holders is medical and legal assistance for you and your family. While with a Woolworths black credit card you’ll also receive a voucher for a free Taste magazine, free coffee or tea to go at any Woolworths Café or Tapas Bar twice a month. Free online delivery when you shop at www.woolworths.co.za and you can shop anywhere with the internationally recognised card, accepted worldwide where ever you see the Visa sign.


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